0. Onboarding – Demo

Welcome to the Substitute Training Program


The impact COVID-19 has had on our schools calls for a greater need for substitute teachers. The onboarding module will walk you through the course objectives, logistics and expectations of the program. You will learn important steps to navigate through the course as well as a better understanding of the placement process as you complete the course.

Review the videos and complete the pre-journal to get you started. If you have any questions throughout the course please reach out to us at: courses.highlanderinstitute.org/support

Note: The placement survey referenced in some of the onboarding materials has been moved to the end of the course. Upon submission of your final task, you'll view the profiles of high-need schools/districts and share your top preferences for placement.

Learning Tasks: 

  • Learn tips on how to successfully navigate through the course and available resources.
  • Respond to a journal prompt & guiding questions to reflect on your own “why?” or reason for signing up to take the course.