3.3 Differently-Abled Learners – Demo

3.3 Differently-Abled Learners



Best practices for supporting diverse learners require teachers to demonstrate high expectations, implement culturally responsive classroom instruction and classroom management, and establish a caring and supportive environment. The following are resources to help you better understand the needs of the differently-abled learners in the classroom.



It is important to first understand the qualifying factors for disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). Review the chart to learn about the 14 disabilities categories. These categories will help you to understand the diverse needs within a classroom.



Watch the video, Universal Design for Learning, to learn how to incorporate habits that promote inclusivity.


Watch the video, Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities, to get a better understanding of the differences between accommodations and modifications.



The “Strategy Backpack” is an opportunity to download resources, guidance, or working documents to support your future journey as a substitute teacher. To leverage these additional resources, create a Strategy Backpack folder in your Google Drive or on your hard drive. Review the materials provided, and save the information you find compelling in your personal folder. Strategy Backpack resources are completely optional to download or complete.

Review the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Guidelines:

  1. Provide multiple means of engagement
  2. Provide multiple means of representation
  3. Provide multiple means of action & representation

How can you use these strategies to support the needs of the diverse learners in your classroom?

Read the article, Can You Sub For Me Tomorrow? Substitute Teaching with Students with Special Education Needs, for suggestions of how to ensure the day runs smoothly.