4.4 Canvas

4.4 Canvas



Canvas is another common Learning Management System (LMS) through which teachers share assignments and resources, grade tasks, provide feedback, and communicate with students. As a substitute teacher, you may be given teacher or teacher assistant (TA) access, view-only access, or you may not be given access at all. Regardless, it is helpful to understand the functions of Canvas to orient yourself to the functions so you can support students who are working within this LMS.



The video series Set Up Your Canvas Course in 30 minutes or Less:

  1. Canvas Overview
  2. Course Creation and Management 
  3. Course Homepage Customization
  4. Assignments Overview
  5. Gradebook Overview


Review the Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor flowchart.



The “Strategy Backpack” is an opportunity to download resources, guidance, or working documents to support your future journey as a substitute teacher. To leverage these additional resources, create a Strategy Backpack folder in your Google Drive or on your hard drive. Review the materials provided, and save the information you find compelling in your personal folder. Strategy Backpack resources are completely optional to download or complete.

Review the page, How do I accept an invitation to join a course as an observer?, on the Canvas website.

If you are a daily substitute in a district that utilizes Canvas, you will most likely be added to the course as an observer, so it's a good idea to keep the Canvas Observer Guide Table of Contents accessible.

If you are a long-term substitute, you will likely be added to the course in Canvas as a teacher/designer. In these cases, the Getting Started with Canvas as an Instructor page will be a valuable guide.