4.8 Jamboard

4.8 Jamboard



Jamboard, a Google product, is a virtual whiteboard that you can use to prompt students to share their thoughts and ideas with one another. Posts are anonymous, so it’s a useful tool for brainstorming, checking for understanding, and general collaboration



Watch this video tutorial.

Click on this Jamboard and respond to the prompt. *You may need to scroll back and forth to see the prompt on slide 1 and to find a blank space for posting.

Create a Jamboard with a prompt and upload a response



The “Strategy Backpack” is an opportunity to download resources, guidance, or working documents to support your future journey as a substitute teacher. To leverage these additional resources, create a Strategy Backpack folder in your Google Drive or on your hard drive. Review the materials provided, and save the information you find compelling in your personal folder. Strategy Backpack resources are completely optional to download or complete.